my weekend.

i had a great weekend.

Cat bowl- we lost.
we scored a touchdown though.
my teacher thinks we're shit.
and it wasn't as bad a night as i thought it would be.

saturday was great.
woke up went to work.
went to the mall with jenny.
went to kabuto's with jennifer and them.
got bitched at by this woman who had no business bothering us.
errands for my sister.
mall with anna.
and then brennan and andy.
andy's house.
abigail comes.
i get lost.
i come home and sleep.

today i am sick.

i got this from alissa. Do it please ♥

01. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
02. I will then tell what song/movie remind me of you.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
08. Put this in your journal.
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This one is for the jennifa.

This is my first entry in like...months...

So yesterday I woke up at like 7:45 to do some exercise stuff...and when i went home i went to jenny's house and chilled there for awhile. I fell asleep on her couch, and when i woke up, we went to walgreens to wait around for catie to get home so we could pick her up. so jenny drove us to her house and we picked up miss catie and went to stoney point where we met up with gabby. when caties mom went to pick us up, i saw drew! for the first time in foreverrr! he was still teally funny and i missed him. anyways, we went to jenny's house and my dad picked me up and dropped me off at the movies and we met up with logan, Jenny, Tim, Jennifa, Bill, and Ryan. The movie sucked. the people behind us were better. But i got to see my boyfriend for the first time in a week <3.

Then we begged jenny's mom to let her spend the night. and she said yes....My dad took us home and we chilled on the trampoline on the phone with Logan and Tim and it was so cold! we were gunna sneak out to meet logan, but we tried to call him and it dint work. that sucks. me and jenny went inside to get my jar of jelly bellies and sat out in the car cause it was cold outside...and called tried to call logan like 10 times. my mom finally came outside and told us to come in. so we went to watch a movie and took a whole buncha food with us...and jenny fell asleep on my fouton in the middle of the movie. i woke her up and we moved to my room...and slept until her mom picked her up.

Umm...wel lanyways this past week, me and katie got married to we could have threesomes. Me and katie learned new drumline moves...haha....i learned how to twirl a drumstick, me and jack saw a guy running shirtless around our school lol, derrick asked me to marry him and i said yes, and i hugged tyler for the first time in for ever and i missed him

hehe. okay this is the worst journal entry ever.

I love jennifer. she is so cool. Im glad i got to see her yesterday in that cute shirt. lol..and next time she tells me not to see a bad movie i wont. i miss her. i hope we are friends for ever. she is so cool. she better keep in touch with me next year even if go to another school. i dont think she will and now im worried. oh well jennifer...u better. and if you dont. we'll both be sad. okay bye. ♥

♥ Holly

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BIG PIMPIN, spendin cheese, check em out now

This is Jenny typing for Holly while she eats MY skittles. After all that hard work of walking to the store to get them, she goes and eats mine. jeez. But anyways, get this, Holly has a myspace! gasp, yes its big news over here.

BIG pimpin! Oh yes we are cool. Holly tried to kill my dog over 3 times today. WHIPLASH! btw, Holly is fat. Thats all,
♥ to everyone
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Today I am bored. Yesterday I was bored. All week I was bored. Please...spice up my life and i'll ♥ you foreverrrr!

xOXo, hol

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(no subject)

I woke up and there was still snow outside. siigghh

Southside is the sseexxiest song ever. It makes me wanna run outside into the snow and be with brown eyes <333
Vonna0303: yeah, but that songs kinda old
--> oh devonna! blastphemy!! lol

Okay i'm done. Plans for today--> hangin out with jenny cause she said i have to but sure why not? Doin my science assessment so fun!, and gettin some more sleep cause i've been so exhausted lately.

Me n lynn are making cups of "coffee" and sipping it. We feel so professional :) When we get our license...we're meeting up at a coffee shop and gettin cups of coffee before school, wanna join? lol
lilfuZzy 929 (11:59:12 AM): this whole coffee thing makes me feel all professional
lilfuZzy 929 (11:59:35 AM): and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Wanna do anything over the weekend? 519-3023 <33

xOXo, hol

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Snow days suck...

Sometimes I feel a little out of it.... like i can be surrounded by people and still be so alone

Snow days make me feel so useless. Nothing to do at home. Its so boring. I only like when its snowing at school like today! And it was like a dream when i saw brown eyes walking in the snow as snow was falling on him. Katie saw him too and ran into the classroom and i knew why she was running. And i met her halfway to the door and we screamed so loud and promised ourselves that we'd chase him when the bell rang. Too bad we waited and he was nowhere to be found. And tomorrow i wont see him because of stupid snow! Snow sucks sucks sucksss! lol

What i learned today from Lana: I've been living my life with fear of the end in mind. I don't do things becasue i'm scared of what will happen but it has to stop. Then what's living if you dont take chances...

xOXo, hol

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I miss my family...

This weekend did not go as planned, but I had fun...

Friday, I went to band practice, and I stayed up so late waiting for my cousin, aunt, and uncle to come. When they finally did, we had fun staying up until we wanted to die talking about the stupidest stuff.

Saturday, I went to work. When I came home, I went shopping with my aunt, sister, and cousin and bought a new jacket. Then, I went to marching band practice again, and I drove home with my dad. When I came home, I watched TV until my cousins got home from the mall. We played tetris all night and watched the Princess Diaries 2, which was a good movie exceptI fell asleep so I missed the end, lol. We had fun doin stuff I don't think I should post, but it was fun and a good experience for me at least, lol. I didn't go to sleep until forever...

...which brings us to Sunday. I should have gotten more sleep cause it was competition day. After church, I drove in the snow for the first time and made it to school alive. We loaded the busses and I sat with Sisi of course and listened to my CD and slept for most of the ride. Then, when we got to a stop, brown eyes got on the bus (i don't know why) but rode with us for the rest of the ride. So, we got to Norfolk Scope Arena and we went inside and practiced. We were all so confident that we'd win. Lucky for us...we had to go first. During performance, We had to march on this weird carpet that almost mademe fall, and one of the trombone players hit my on the head with his instrument on accident, I was like what?! lol... But I didn't feel so confident in our performance. We sat and watched the rest of the bands, and the competition didn't end until like 5 hours after, no joke. I was ready to diee but finally they announced the results and we came in third. Big disappointment. Nasmond River took second and highland springs took first of course. Oh well, I had fun afterwards with Devonna, sierra, and kel at mcdonalds taking pictures of people, lol...

Monday, I woke up at 12:30 for the first time in like 3 years. I haate sleeping in, but i did. I woke up and felt so sick and tired and so out of it. I made sure my day was clear because I didn't wanna do anything at all, I was so tired. For most of the day I lay on my bed listenin to music and I watched a cinderalla story, which is a realy good movie. I don't really wanna go to school tomorrow at all.

What I learned this weekend: Treat people with respect. I know, I know...obvious, but I haven't been doing that. Sometimes things can hurt other people's feelings, and you could not even no how much you hurt them. Also, be yourself. If its not "cool", then who cares? It beats being stressed about changing yourself just to be "cool". I definitely gotta work on that too...

xOXo, hol

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(no subject)

Today was such a groggy day until 7th period. Me n jenny decided to skip drama and go to tech/woodshop and it was fun cept the guys were being jerks. We just chilled with victoria and pretended to help her with her project until the teacher kicked us out.

So, in marching band, we did the usual except my section leaders were being major jerk faces and kept sayin stupid stuff to me so i tried to ignore them. But, it made me realize that because of them ,i am so over marching band because its gone on for so long that...i'm kinda tired of it. Cept, I'm, i just really dont like it cause of them. Oh yeah, and jack wishes that i wont do it next year....wutever. I lost one of my earrings after i stuck it in my instrument during practice. I no, smart move, but i really want my earring

xOXo, hol

P.S. i can't talk very long on my cell phone anymore cause i think im outta minutes...but i can after 9 and on the weekends, lol.

If you were in Marching Band... by PaiNt it PiiNk
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How good are you?You dont even play...u just pretend!
Others think...You rock!
Your rival school is...Your band sucks so much, that nobody cares...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I want everyone to take that quiz and put it in the comments...please ♥

LiL ZaMpeTTi (7:54:23 PM): lol
LiL ZaMpeTTi (7:54:26 PM): wait
LiL ZaMpeTTi (7:54:31 PM): ur in marching band?

...naah...i'm lying em! lol

Vonna0303 (9:02:08 PM): i kno it was like sunny day i was having fun dancing muscly football players running beneath me and cute ppl ive never seen walking beside me

yes it was, lol...
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